My Shopping

How to Place an order?

You can search the product you need by brand, category etc. Choose a product from the list, view its details. You can click on “Add to cart” or “Buy” to place an order. On placing an order, if you are a new customer you may need to register in the website and login using the credentials. After logging in, follow the next steps and proceed to payment gateway and you will place the order successfully on completing the payment.

How to check Order Status?

The order status of your purchase can be checked via two ways. One is via the Track your order option in the header section. On clicking Track your order, you need to log in and a page with the order history will be opened and you can click the product you need and view the order status. The second way is to login to your account, take My order section and click on Order history. Click on Track your order link against the product you need to track the status.

Track your order login select the product view the status

Log in my account my order recent order track your order view the status

How to contact our team

We have a 24x7 hour supporting team to assist you and help you at any time. We try to give maximum support to customers. You can contact us in the number : 18001024218
and email id:info@bismigroup.com

How can we cancel an order?

You can cancel an order via two ways. One is go to the contact us page, choose the category field item as “Order cancellation”. Give the order number, other details and submit the request. Another way is to directly call the bismi team in the number provided:
And tell us regarding the cancellation, follow the next procedures as per the instructions given in call.
For further clarifications, please see our cancellation policy.

What is advantage of BismiDeal Shopping?

Shopping is made easier by remaining at your home itself. Attractive offers and discounts will be provided which is rare in normal shopping. There is also point system for active customers which can be redeemed on reaching a particular level. Coupons and gift vouchers are generated for special customers or on special seasons. We also offer good customer support and care at any time of the day.

My Account

How to change my password?

Login to your account and view the My account section, take change password. Enter you old password and new password in the fields and save.

Login My account Change password Enter old password, new password Save

How to edit my basic information?

Login to your account and view the My account section, take the option Profile. Now you can see the 2 section that shows the basic details and address. Can edit and save the changes.

Login My account Profile Edit details you needed Save

How to view the order history?

Login to your account, take My orders from the my account section, you can view your orders in 2 section recent and past orders.

Login My account My orders view your orders

My Point and Redeem Point

Point Criteria?

The ways to score points are, doing a purchase from the website. Suggesting a friend to our website also earns you points. If that friend purchases from the website, again you get points.

How to redeem point?

After your point level is reaching a particular level, on next purchase you make, before the payment gateway page you will get an option to redeem the points in the current purchase or not, you can either use the points will be charged from you.

How to view my point system?

You can view your points on logging into your account and from My account section, there is option to view the points also. The points and points redeemed can be viewed.

Login My account My points

Advantage of point System?

We introduced the point system for the sake of customers. On reaching a particular level, customers can even buy a product without making a payment. You gets and unexpected profit on purchasing.


What is coupon and advantage of that?

Coupons are a special privilege given to some selected customers. Coupons may be send seasonally also. It can be used at the time of your next purchase if the coupon is valid.

How can we use coupon?

The coupon can be used efficiently at the time of purchase. A coupon code will be sent to you in via email. You can use the coupon code at the time of purchase and avail the particular coupon amount deduction or what the coupon offers. The provision to enter code will be there before the payment gateway page.


Delivery process of order?

A customer places and order, administration team manages the order and do the necessary processes. the team calls the customer and confirms the order. The product will be delivered to the customer form the nearby warehouse at the earliest.

Place order Processes Confirms Dispatches Delivered Completed

Terms and conditions

e-Gift Vouchers or Store Credit cannot be used for C-o-D orders.

Please refer to our Terms and conditions

Customer Support

Customer Support Activity's

We have a dedicated team for 24x 7 hours customer support. We are at your assistance for whatever service related helps and tips you need.

Customer Support details

The customer care service phone numbers you can call are:18001024218

Our email id:info@bismigroup.com